Real education for ALL kids was founded only after many attempts at collaborating with our elected trustees to provide full and fair education.  This recall effort was started by parents for the following reasons 1) The West Ada School Board does not represent West Ada constituents and has not involved parents in their decision-making process, 2) The board has not provided leadership during Covid-19, and 3) The board is not delivering education to all West Ada students.

Prior to the recall effort, a working parent group created a pragmatic reopening plan for West Ada School District and presented the plan to members of the West Ada School Board & superintendent on multiple occasions. A request to present in an open forum at a West Ada School board meeting was denied, it’s now time for the public to have a say in their kids’ education. We will work tirelessly toward the goal of representative government, transparency, accountability and pragmatic solutions.

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Recall West Ada Q&A

Q. What is your criticism of the board?

The West Ada School Board has not included parents at all and they have not provided a plan with a timeline to parents. As of Oct 5th, many families have had their kids in school 8 days total since March 13th. The board’s #1  job is education and it is not providing education or a providing a plan. The lack of leadership was evident in April 2020, May 2020, during fall 2020, and still no definite date set for 6-12 full time attendance. We understand that no one saw COVID coming, but other districts have provided clarity, have invested in and effectively rolled out plans, and are in school. West Ada leadership is systematically flawed and COVID is the catalyst that brings this all to light.

This is our last step. We didn’t want to jump into a recall. We have met with board members, we wrote our own plan, and the board will not even allow us to come and speak to them in a public forum at a board meeting. We need to resolve this. Here we are, doing the recall. I don't want to see what next year's school year is like.

Q. What about the safety of teachers?

1) We don’t have any data from the district that actually tells us how teachers feel.  Teachers are heroes and working hard without leadership.

2) Many teachers can work within a virtual learning environment.

3) Other people in different fields of work are going to work. Teachers are essential. This idea that teachers need not work sounds like union rhetoric which does not jive with the real world. Consider all medical workers, grocery store workers, other govt employees that are using precaution and going to work.

Q. What about when COVID increases?

We understand that COVID cases are going to go up and down. This is expected. The decision we have to make as West Ada, is ‘are we going to educate our kids?’ We can’t prolong the current ineffective model forever.  Our Return2Learn plan created by parents dealt with this. We offered alternatives; the board was not willing to listen.  Our request to present in public forum was denied. When covid numbers increase, that doesn’t mean numbers are increasing in schools. The CDH covid numbers take into account Boise State University, prisons, nursing homes. What we need to look at is data within West Ada. How many cases are in schools, and how many cases originated in schools?  Nationwide, school districts that are much larger than us are going to back to school. We are not seeing covid spreading through schools. Why, then would we go backward when the data doesn’t support it.

Q. Why would you want your kids in school during COVID pandemic?

That's the parents choice. Government bureaucrats have not involved parents in the decision making process. Covid cases have not been correlated to what is happening inside schools. Parents are very capable of reading studies and calculating risk. What is a bigger risk, having them in school or staying home? West Ada and Idaho have daily virtual learning situations that are phenomenal, there are other resources parents can use. Parents can make these determinations for their kids.

Q. What about immunocompromised kids? What are you going to do for them?

Parents are very capable of reading studies and calculating risk. West Ada and Idaho have daily virtual learning situations that are phenomenal, there are other resources parents can use.

Q. How can you achieve social distancing if kids are in school full time?

FROM CDH WEBSITE: “Every person is required to wear a face covering that completely covers the person’s nose and mouth when the person is in a public place and others are present and physical distancing of 6 feet cannot be maintained.”

Q. What about masks?

The issue is not masks. We have no problem with masks. We are talking about a pragmatic plan to get kids in school. Our purpose is to talk about education. That's the one thing no one is talking about.

Q. What are you going to do when you get rid of the board?

The board is replaced by other board members. This should send a clear message that we look for the board to involve parents and represent the values of the constituents in west ada. There are business leaders & parent leaders who are stakeholders in the education of our kids and can be effective and representative board members.

Q. What about how there is a shortage of substitutes?

We have members of our parent group that have completed substitute training and are already helping in schools. This is about leadership, when a plan is given, parents and residents will step up to the plate to contribute.

Q. What happens if you fail?

We understand the numbers of the district. Our goal is to get kids in school, parents of West Ada support kids getting in school. We are a pragmatic group of parents, we tried everything, before we came to this. And we didn’t get anywhere.  Because of the lack of parent involvement, this is our only recourse. We tried everything else.

Q. Is it possible to return to school?

We will find a way. Other districts have done it. Their technology worked from the beginning. Other districts started school on time because they had a plan. Our technology is broken, it has been a failure and we need to get back to school. Staff, students, teachers, parents - we deserve a date. We can adjust, but we deserve a date.

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